A really fast Angular grid using the power of React to render hyper fast HTML tables.

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What is ngReactGrid?

ngReactGrid is an Angular directive that can be used to render an enhanced HTML table or grid of data very fast using React as the rendering engine. It is based on ng-grid and jQuery DataTables. It uses HTML tables and supports fixed column headers by default.


How to use

Step 1 - Download Sources

Download the source files from Github:

After downloading and unzipping the directory, please copy the following files into their respective folder in your application:


Step 2 - Include sources in your HTML

Now that you have copied the necessary files into your application, it is time to add it to the HTML.

Step 3 - Use the ng-react-grid directive

You are now ready to start using ngReactGrid!

Here is a simple example for a grid based on the template above:


Default Grid Options

Default Cell Options